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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Libertarian”?

A Libertarian, by definition, is “a person who believes in the doctrine of free will.” With that being said, libertarianism is the concept of limited government and optimal  freedom.  People are generally more libertarian than they realize! The lingo may be foreign to them, but the ideas are principles most can agree with.

“Don’t hurt people or take their stuff” is a common phrase used to define libertarianism in the most simplistic of terms.

Are Libertarians Left Wing or Right Wing?

Neither. On the political scale, it is the opposite of authoritarianism. Libertarians can be left, right, or center. Libertarianism is a broad spectrum of philosophical ideology. There are libertarians who are subject to different economic views as well – captalism and socialism for example. Libertarians include everyone from classical liberals to anarchists. As you enter our circles, you’ll realize that libertarians bicker constantly. What’s the unifying trait? They oppose government tyranny. 

What Do Libertarians Believe In?

Since we range on the left/right political spectrum, we have a variety of views. Generally, we believe in maximum personal and economic liberty so long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. Many of us are pretty big on ideas of enlightenment and are very constitutional. We hold our country’s framework close, because it paved the way for a free country and what that meant on a global scale. 

If you would like to know the policy positions of the Libertarian Party, please see the Issues and Platform sections on their website.

I'm a... Can I still join the club?

Yes! We are open to all. We want to share our views with others, not stay in an echo chamber. Our purpose is to encourage thought provoking conversations, respectful debates, and to show you what we have in common with things you already believe in! Of course, with ideologically incompatible views such as fascism, we may be unable to relate. However, for the average person accustomed to the Democrat & Republican parties, we can show you how we agree, disagree, and what we want to do differently apart from them. While you do not need to be a registered libertarian to participate, it is highly recommended that you are if you are already a libertarian. If you do not currently self identify as a libertarian, we will use our best persuasion tactics on you, especially if you are very liberty minded! If you are happy with your party, but you see yourself as an ally with our goals – that’s okay too! We are not a generic political debate group, but will try to be as inclusive as possible to non-libertarians. However, we do reserve the right to ban people from events in the scenario that they make other members feel uncomfortable or cause trouble.

Why the “Golden Quills”?

It’s all about the symbolism. The color yellow (gold, if you will) is associated with classical liberalism and the free market. 

The porcupine has long been the unofficial symbol of libertarians. It was designed in 2006 by Kevin Breen. “[It mimics] the Republican Elephant and Democratic Donkey. It has since been used to represent many local libertarian groups and included on major libertarian publications. It was meant to help establish libertarianism as a viable political ideal in a way that the Libertarian Party’s mascot, the Statue of Liberty, can not because it is used by non-libertarians as a patriotic icon. The porcupine was chosen because the porcupine is a defensive animal. It does not shoot its quills (contrary to myth), so it does not harm anyone who respects its boundaries, analogous to the non-aggression principle.” (Source: Owlcation)

So you may call us, The Golden Quills.

Are There Any Club Activities?

Things aren’t set in stone yet as the club is still new, but we hope to have plenty of great things planned. This may include hosting speakers, having formal debates, canvassing, volunteer work, group reading sessions, and watching educational videos.

How Do I Become a Member?

If you have never attended an event before in person, please feel free to e-mail briannacoyle01@gmail.com