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About The Club

The Golden Quills is a NYC based Libertarian Club established in 2019. After achieving ballot access in New York State thanks to Larry Sharpe’s gubernatorial campaign, the Libertarian Party of New York had become an official political party. Libertarians are a very small minority in NYC – but there is plenty of room and opportunity to grow. This club was organized out of a need to have an outlet for socializing, education, and outreach.

Important Updates

The Golden Quills Libertarian Club will now be expanding as a national organization with heavy prioritization of chapters. 

Every state will have various local affiliates depending on the demand in the area. The model will function as such: State > District > City > School

It is not required that say, a school chapter be affiliated with a state chapter. However, the purpose of larger affiliate groups is for the sake of helping smaller ones. It will be up to the state coordination team to help set up local chapters within their state. This is so that the national organization can prioritize a different set of efforts, while still ensuring that every group's needs are met. More information will be released soon.